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We have made quality and value to the customer our mission. It’s not something that we just strive for – we represent the world's best manufacturers to live this everyday.

While some things in the engineering process will be forgotten, the excellence of the products and services will be remembered.

AC/DC Power Supplies, DC/DC Converters, Switching Regulars, and LED Drivers

Quality as a habit. Over 30,000 compact power supplies for use in a wide variety of applications with worldwide customer service.

Global Manufacturers

Spanning the entire technology landscape, helping customers create, make and manage forward-thinking products.

High Efficiency Power ICs and Diode Solutions for Tomorrow's Technology

Powering Innovation by delivering a comprehensive range of high-efficiency power ICs and diodes for diverse applications. Your trusted partner in power management solutions.

Control Surfaces, Control Systems, Display and Computing Solutions

Global specialists in human machine interaction. Full-service consultative approach to all our customer needs giving you access to our highly skilled in-house team of design and development engineers.

High-End Lithium Battery Manufacturer
Specializing in Cutting-Edge Rechargable Tech

One of the world’s leading suppliers of high performance lithium-ion batteries and energy storage technologies. Dominating in portable electronics, penetrating the EV market, and entering the utility market for grid-energy storage. Our batteries are designed to ensure maximum performance over competitors in the industry.

Pioneers in Memory, Storage, and AI-enabled Networking Solutions

Experience the synergy of advanced memory, storage, and AI-enabled networking solutions, designed for optimal performance in your applications. We're your trusted partner in technology innovation, delivering exceptional reliability and powering your progress, one solution at a time.

Your Single-Source Provider for Advanced PCB Manufacturing for Over 30 Years

Expert, high-quality PCB manufacturing with remarkable speed. Our certified facilities, exceptional customer service, and wide range of material choices make us your trusted partner for all your PCB needs.

Firmware, Hardware, Software, and IoT Product Design Experts

Product development as a passion. Complex embedded system design, full-stack development, system architecture, networking experts, UI/UX - focused on executing your vision.

Becoming the World's Most Trusted, Precise, and Flexible Contract Manufacturer

ICTC USA is a full-service Contract Manufacturer specializing in high mix Cable and Wire Harnesses, PCB Assemblies, Electronic Box-Builds and Precision Machining to OEM's worldwide.

Distribution Partners

Broad portfolios that span the entire technology landscape, helping customers create, make and manage forward-thinking products.